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Knitting Patterns & Knitting Yarn

Shabby Chic Cowl knitting pattern

Choosing knitting yarn and knitting patterns is probably the most fun part of knitting! I don't know a knitter who doesn't love to get their hands on a new knitting yarn and can't wait to cast on and get started. There are so many knitting yarns and knitting patterns to choose from! Sometimes a knitter chooses the yarn first. If you are like me, you probably walk into a yarn shop and simply have to feel every different skein on the shelves. There may be one particular skein (or again, if you are like me, several different skeins you can't live without) you fall in love with and must knit something with it right away. You may not know what that something is but with more searching, you will find the perfect pattern. Other knitters select the pattern first. They see a picture online, in a pattern book at their favorite yarn shop or see a completed project by another knitter. Then they choose the yarn that will work with the knitting pattern. No matter which way you begin a new project- whether you select the yarn first or the pattern first, you should make sure that you are choosing the right knitting yarn for the knitting pattern.

Knitting patterns will have a section at the beginning that has a recommended weight of yarn or state a specific yarn that was used. Many patterns will tell you the knitting yarn that was used for the project, but may not list the weight. For example, a pattern may call for Queensland Collection Uluru (pictured right). Choosing a different yarn would alter the look of the finished piece. Some patterns will have a recommended weight of yarn rather than specific knitting yarn that was used. Whether it is fingering, lace, aran yarn, sport, DK, worsted, heavy worsted, chunky yarn or bulky, a weight should be listed. Using a fingering weight when a pattern calls for worsted weight will alter the project completely. Substitutions can be made if a pattern calls for a yarn that you may not care for, just make sure to ask your yarn shop what substitutions would work for your project.

If you choose your knitting yarn first, it is easy to find a knitting pattern that would be perfect for your yarn. There are a wealth of online resources where you can search for patterns. If you are like me and prefer to peruse a local yarn shop, then all you need to do is walk in and you will be inspired by something! A yarn shop can easily guide you to knitting patterns that would work for your knitting yarn.

There are many things to consider when selecting knitting yarn and knitting patterns but this is half the fun!

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