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Christmas Countdown?

As my mother-in-law recently pointed out, Christmas is just over six months away. Seriously? Every year, I have the grandiose idea of knitting two small gifts each month. When Christmas rolls around, I would have 24 knitted gifts to send to family and friends. And really, it is quite manageable to think of knitting two small things each month. A scarf or cowl, mittens or a hat, felted beer cozies, knitted jewelry. What a great idea! However, every October (sometimes even the middle of November....), I realize I really need to get cracking . When I start to brainstorm ideas for knitted gifts, and go through my stash to get organized, I am reminded that perhaps, again, I should have began my Christmas knitting just a little sooner. I think to myself, if only I had stuck with my plan? If only Christmas wasn't a month away, I certainly could make some amazing gifts! One of these years, I am certain that I will actually achieve my goal of knitting two gifts per month. I am confident that it is possible. For now, I am officially six months behind. But hey, I could still get 12 knitted gifts finished if I got started right away! Stay tuned clever knitters, stay tuned. I might just surprise you!

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